#1 Secret to Success. How to Avoid Failure in Life?

Is there some secret to success? Or How do we avoid failure in life? These are some of the most common questions we have on our mind.

Stay with me for a minute because I have an answer for both of these questions.

The #1 Secret to Success

I’m going to discuss a simple principle here that is often overlooked by us. And I believe that you will agree with that principle.

When you understand it completely, you will be able to avoid most of the failure in life, and that will become your #1 secret to success.

Secret to Success

Source: Wikimedia. The #1 Secret to Success

Read this post to the end, it takes only 2 minutes, and apply the #1 secret to success in your life. You will be able to avoid most failure in life.

What is an absolute failure in life?

Have you ever put 100% efforts and even 200% into whatever goal you wanted to achieve? You may have also gone above and beyond your reasonable course of action, but you FAILED.

It happens to most of us.

The most significant challenge is not the failure in life, but as soon as we fail, we STOP doing whatever we had begun in the first place. Without realizing that the actual failure is not a failure; it is only a RESULT.

failure in life

Source: Pixabay. Absolute Failure is to STOP.

The actual failure is when we stop.

Stopping at the sight of our first failure is an absolute FAILURE.

The golden opportunity.

It reminds me of the Story of Darby and his Uncle. Darby’s uncle was a miner who used to work in the coal mines.

During the gold rush of California, the uncle decided to try his luck with Darby on his side.

He went to a small town called Sacramento from where the gold rush started. Then with his mining experience, he decided to find gold. Initially, he just used a pick and shovel to dig for gold.

After digging for a few days, they found the shiny metal. That was gold. They were thrilled beyond words.

Sacramento Gold Rush

Source: Wikimedia, Men in California Gold Rush

They covered the hole and returned to their hometown.

The Uncle told this incident to his very close family and friends. He assured them that there was more and he needed expensive machinery to dig faster for more. He borrowed money from his family and friends with a promise of sharing the wealth with each one of them.

Darby and his Uncle returned to Sacramento. To the same place that they had found gold. They bought the machines and started digging.

There was indeed gold in the place they were digging. They got the first lot out and earned some money from it. It was enough to pay off all his debts. Every gram of gold he finds next would make them wealthy.

Darby was by his side helping and observing everything that was happening.

They were facing their first failure in life.

But something terrible happened that stopped them in their tracks. Darby and his Uncle did not see this coming.

A few feet away from where they started the gold line dried up. After digging further, both found out that there was no more gold in that place.

They had been away from home for a long time. This work had been tiring for them.

failure in life

Source: Wikimedia. They were facing their first failure in life.

The Uncle and Nephew could not find any more gold. It was their first failure. They were heartbroken, disillusioned and depressed. It wiped off their dream of becoming wealthy or having a business.

The Uncle was so depressed that he sold the machinery to a junk man nearby.

He decided to return whatever money he had earned to his family and friends, from whom he had borrowed money in the first place. To avoid debt he had taken upon himself in pursuit of gold.

The Junk Man applied the #1 Secret to Success.

The junk man was smart. He listened to the story of Darby and his Uncle. He thought, “What if these people quit too soon? Maybe they are looking at the wrong place.”

So first he bought all the machines at the price of junk. Then he went to inspect the mines with an engineer. Next, the engineer pointed to a favorable location. Finally, lo behold, he found gold. This time it was plenty.


#1 secret to success

Source: Wikimedia. The Junk Man finds Gold.

The most interesting part of the story was that the junk man found gold three feet away from where Darby and his Uncle gave up.

Imagine !

If you were in the same situation like Darby and his Uncle, how would you feel? Miserable right?

Anyone would feel miserable when they find out how close they were to their success.

They had lost a golden opportunity just because they stopped at their first failure.

Moral of the Story: Don’t stop at the sight of your first failure or you may lose a golden opportunity just a few steps away from success.

And that my friend, is the number #1 secret of success. Every successful person knows this, who treats failure only as a result and no more.

And this is not just a story of Darby and his Uncle. It is a story of the vast majority of people who quit at the sight of their first failure.

Applying the #1 Secret to Success.

Honestly, let me ask you this question.

Are you thinking to quit? Whatever new endeavor you began with success in mind.

Then STOP!

Wait and think again.

Why did you begin this attempt in the first place?

It does not matter what you are trying to quit. It can be your job or profession or business or relationship, whatever it is that you are attempting.

There is a single force that governs all of these. And that force is YOU!

You are the creator, maintainer, and destroyer of everything that happens in your life.

secret to success go get it

Source: Pexels. Success Go Get it.

What did you want to achieve? What were the goals you set out for yourself?

Think about them again. Reaffirm your belief.

The most important is to have faith in yourself and your abilities. The same faith that you started your new venture and set new goals for yourself to achieve.

Have a vision and see a few years ahead. Where do you think you will arrive if you don’t quit now?

Believe me, and you may be just one step, two steps or 10 steps away from success.

So don’t Quit.

Learn from your failure. Change your strategy. Leave your comfort zone. Start winning again.

Success is maybe waiting for you just a few steps ahead of you.

Stay focused. Stay rich.

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