To get a good Job find the right Interview.

Before you can find a good job, the one that is in your area of interest, you need to land the right interview that leads to it.

“Search and you will find” say the holy scriptures. Jim Rohn, america’s finest business philosopher, said “Finding is reserved for the searchers.” A famous quote in Hindi (translated here) says , “Job is a very small thing, search and you will find god.”

I say, “To find a good Job you need to first find a good interview.”

I learnt several lessons in The University of Life about job search. I had to look for a job 3 times and interview more than 400+ candidates as part of my career progress. I could experience recruitment from both sides of the world.

The number one challenge that job seekers face is getting to the interview stage. Finding the right candidates to interview from the massive number applicants is like “Finding a needle in a hay stack.” The best recruitment team is only able look at 15% to 20% of all the applications from those received on daily basis. You endlessly apply to never get a response. This is very frustrating for a job seeker. And for first timers it is demotivating making you accept any work that comes your way.

How do you handle this ? How do you get a call from the company you like to work for ?

Based on my observations here are some tips that will help you. Aim is to get past the HR screening round and attend the main interview for a job position in your area of interest.

Lets get started here,

  1. Plan and Monitor : You should first create a action plan. This is important to help you with handling you job search in an organized manner.
  2. Write your own story : You should create the cover letter and resume your self. I have seen many resumes that have been copied, recruiters are able to make out and just ignore them.
  3. Apply selectively : Choose the companies and position where your profile matches accurately. There is no use in wasting time where your profile does not match. The better your profile matches with the requirement of the position more your chances of getting a call.
  4. Respond to Emails: Handle all email communication effectively. Companies will send you automated mails with forms to be filled up as a next step. This is to filter our all the candidates who do not respond. They also want to know who is interested. The people who respond get called for the interview.
  5. Change the Subject Line : The subject line can be used to get noticed quickly. Provide information in subject line so that it catches the recruiters eye when scanning the inbox. E.g. “Amit Patel, 13yrs exp .NET Project Manager”. Some companies will have their position code include that in the subject line.
  6. Use your connections : Find a connection at the company you are applying for. Referral programs are used in every company and the candidates coming through the referral get a preference. Make sure you know the connection and have talked to them at least once. Find out about the company and position from the connection.
  7. Get Interested : Learn everything about the company where you are planning to send your application. Your interest in the company will help you during the screening calls from the HR team.
  8. Be Confident : Once you have done all of the above your confidence will automatically be high. Make sure you use the confidence when communicating with someone at the company or talking over the phone. Your confidence will automatically take you forward in the process.
  9. Be on Time : Petra Coach, Andy Bailey tell his students (Business Leaders) “Be on time every time, this is number one rule of business.” Use this rule when you are looking for a Job. You should be prepared for all scheduled interviews 10 mins in advance.
  10. Practice phone etiquettes : Be always prepared for a call from recruiter for HR Screening. Your phone etiquettes will decide whether you move ahead or not. Practice with your friends posing as recruiters. Remember always take your phone from a quiet place and be prepared for the call when you have a schedule.

Based on statistics companies struggle to find the best match for the position they have opened. Change that by improving your skills in applying for the job. Handle the various communication channels with the company in best possible way. It will be easy to land a interview at the company of your choice.

Best of luck to all the first timers who have just started looking for Jobs.