How to Prevent Ransomeware Attack?

Prevent ransomeware attack, but How ? This is a very important question. Our computers and mobiles are not safe. They can be attacked anytime. WannaCry created a havoc on 12th May. More than deadly this was a gut wrenching attack for those who were affected.

All our identity, data and family is at risk. Today they are asking for ransome tomorrow they may destroy our data and use our  identity fraudlently.

We need to be proactive in protecting our data and our identities.

On 12 May 2017, 230,000 computers in over 150 countries, were attacked by a virus called WannaCry Ransomeware Attack. This was the most deadly attack because the virus spread automatically over local area network and internet to systems that have not been updated with recent security updates.

Simple act of applying security updates to your computer in time could prevent these attacks. But how can ignorant people like me know when to update my computer. How do I know that my computer is at risk? I have no way of knowing and in the same manner you do not have any way to protect yourself.

What do these viruses do?

In most cases they can corrupt our data. We can prevent them with a backup. But in other cases they can steal our identity and use it fraudulently. Or get access to our bank accounts. I don’t want to tell what can happen after that you know it very well.

But in case of ransomeware, this virus locks down your computer and ask’s for a ransom. Mostly in Bitcoins. That’s the funny part but not so funny.

Imagine your computer is locked down and they tell you to send money to open it. Isn’t it bad?

Just see, how this guy could not prevent ransomeware attack. Even when he had stopped the biggest ransomeware attack in history. Think if he is velnurable then how vulnerable we are?

And then there are funny incidents. The funny part is that mostly these attacks are orchestrated by kids. Yesterday I was talking to someone and she was telling me how one of the kids she knows was always searching how to write a virus?. I would never let this kid near my computer or mobile.

I only wish that these kids could help by asking and teaching us how to prevent ransomeware attack? I would love such kids. One such kid thwarted a ransomeware attack this time.

So there is also a lot of fun and pun happening and twitter is always vocal about this.

But the most important question is,

How do you prevent ransomeware attack?

Or some similar virus attack. How can you be alert with your computers, mobile phones and tablets? How can you prevent yourself and your loved ones?

The only way I see is to fight back. We have to get proactive and fight back our identity theives. They are like any other criminals in our society. And they are educated. Infact they are genius. But they are using their genius in the wrong way to rob us of our money and identity.

So we have to constantly ask how to prevent ransomeware attack?

With this in mind I searched high and low over the internet for something that could help me. After a lot of search over last 10 – 12 days finally I found something that can be helpful to me and you equally.

Step by Step Guide to Get Proactive and Fight Back.

Most of us understand the dangers but how to go about stopping identity theft is another matter. Sure we can sign up with one of the credit monitoring companies that have sprung up over the last few years but what do they actually do for their monthly fee and are we supposed to just pay it for the rest of our lives?

So you know you need to be proactive and take reasonable steps to safeguard yourself from the dangers of identity theft but finding out exactly what you should be doing and how to do it has more than likely proved elusive.

Get this Identity Theft Deterrent: Introducing the Powerful and Unique Identity Theft Deterrent . Prevent identity theft from happening in the first place. Safeguard your credit line with fraud alerts. Remove yourself from junk mailing lists. Protect your computer from hackers.

This is the best program I could find online. It cost’s only one time to get access instead of monthly recurring fees. Here are some details of the program.

  • Theft Techniques – Virtually anyone is a target for identity theft, and you’ll see why when you turn to page 9 and discover the 5 different methods used by sophisticated identity thieves to literally “steal” your individuality and command control of ALL aspects of your life, from financial to personal!
  • Dumpster Diving – Before you even THINK about taking out another load of trash, flip to page 14, where I’ll reveal the ridiculously obvious, yet painfully consequential opportunities that identity thieves spot in EVERY load of trash – including 7 that are probably crumpled up in your trash this very second!
  • The Criminal Attack Plan – For a detailed, step-by-step walk-through of the “attack plan” most commonly enacted by identity thieves, you won’t want to miss page 18, where I’ll divulge their most coveted strategies – from the set-up to the “heist” – used by these cunning scumbags to seize your most valuable possession – your life!
  • Online Socializing – If you’re one of the millions of people with a Facebook account you won’t want to miss the potentially life-saving information beginning on page 22, such as the 5 pieces of info you should NEVER reveal on your page, along with the expert precautions that are guaranteed to keep your financial and private lives safe from thieves’ prying hands!
  • Plastic Safety – Your jaw will drop when you discover how the devious device revealed on page 28 is found EVERYWHERE, yet remains totally undetected…and has the catastrophic potential to swipe the numbers right off the back of your card and into the hands of scheming conmen! And worst of all, you don’t even have to use your card to spend a single cent!
  • The Victims Traits – If you make just ONE of these 4 mistakes most commonly made by nearly all victims of identity theft, you might as well be writing “Steal My Wallet!” on your forehead. However, if you put the expert tips and tactics on page 46 to use, you’ll deter attempts from even the most brazen of thieves!
  • It’s Your Bank Account – The prize that thieves will stop at NOTHING to obtain is access to your bank account, and on page 43, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to limit access to this financial portal to you and you only
  • Banking Safety – You’ll be surprised to learn what is considered by security experts to be “the” SAFEST method of banking!
  • Special Report – If you’re ready to safeguard your life and prevent ransomeware attack and thwart the efforts of ruthless identity thieves who will stop at NOTHING to seize the things you hold dearest to you, then follow our simple 10-step “Identity Protection Plan,” an iron-clad “special ops” strategy guide that will lock-down your life as secure as Fort Knox and never fail to keep you one step ahead of the criminals!

Get this program here: Introducing the Powerful and Unique Identity Theft Deterrent . How to place your fraud alert, claim your free credit report and remove yourself from junk mailing lists, all 100% legal and free and all done the exact same way identity theft prevention companies do it but without the $120 annual price tag.

What next ?

  1. First protect yourself from all types of virus. Make sure your computer has the latest security updates. Think how you can prevent ransomeware attack on your computer.
  2. Share this with your friends and family. I’m sure you would be able to save at least one computer with your message to your friends. Use the social buttons on the side or send an email to your contacts.