How to lose weight fast? Answer these 6 questions.

Lose weight fast. Uncover your deep desire, by answering these six questions. Achieve any weight loss goals you have in mind.

I had failed to lose weight, for eternity. Eternity was more than 4+ years. Every time I tried to lose weight, I gained more. Finally, my scale stopped at 95 kilos. It was a relief. Because it stayed that for many years.

A lower number would have been great. Something like 85, 10 kilos less. The ritual of climbing the scale daily did not work. My weight did not budge, it remained at 95.

Weight is the only area we are ready to lose. Otherwise, in all other areas, we always want to win. Here losing is winning.

I was not winning because I was not losing. And that was one of the biggest failures of my life.

But then in August 2014, a miracle happened, I lost 10 Kgs in 2 months. That’s true, 10 kgs in 2 months. It was like finding the last digit of the combination and unlocking the hidden treasures within my mind. Changing my mindset helped me in achieving my goal.

Above all, no magic was involved. No pills. No lotions. No Nutri bullet. No gym. It was changing my mindset and following the most simple weight loss plan in the universe, eat less, eat well and exercise.

How did I do that? Yes, I am coming to that. This is my story about losing weight, but very soon it can become yours. Yes, I believe just by reading this post and taking some action, this can become your story of losing weight.

It all happened one day, in the year 2014, I met a messiah. I call him a messiah because he was my savior. He changed my life. He changed my mind.

It works for everything and even weight loss.

How did he bring about this change in me? Change in my mindset? How did he help me to lose weight? By asking me a few questions.

Six questions to be precise. I had to write the answers. It was a 15 to 20 minutes conversation and in those few minutes, I went from impossible to possible. From obscurity to clarity. From discouraged to motivated. In that short time, I felt that I went from failure to success.

At the end of that first class conversation, I felt energetic. So energetic that I felt lighter by 10 kilos. And I am not joking, you will see when you get to the bottom of this and experience it for yourself.

This was a total game changer. Never before had I felt so good. So confident. Even without losing a single kilo.

The questions were powerful. So were the answers. They cleared my thinking. Improved my motivation. Removed things that were holding me back. In few minutes, I had a perfect plan and an actionable blueprint.

Let me tell you, if I can do it, you can do it too.

One thing before we move ahead, he made me write the answers. He also explained why? I simply repeat in his words.

Writing is really important. Our hand has some connection to our brain. It makes us more creative and removes all the blocks in our mind. Things that look impossible in our mind, by writing them down, the mind starts finding ways to make it possible.

I don’t know why? But writing makes achieving goals easy. Your brain takes control of the situation and puts you on autopilot to achieve results your desire. In the time you desire.

You don’t believe me. Then try for yourself. Write it down and be amazed to see it work for you. Like it worked for me.

These were his words.

But wait! Do you want to lose weight? I did not even show courtesy to ask you that. . . I ask again, do you really want to lose weight?

If yes, read further. If no, then it’s up to you. If you have read it so far then continue to the end. Either way, you might just find this useful, for you, for friends, for family, maybe for someone special you know.

Just share this with everyone they will love this or love you more.

So go ahead and read this, write your answers and get back on track with your weight loss goal.

Let us start with the questions and answers. Observe my thought process. Think what would be your correct answer. It is important to uncover your hidden thoughts. So let’s get started.

Question 1: Why do you want to lose weight?

To this, I started giving some general answers.

I want to become fit. I want to have more energy. I want to avoid health issues. I want to look good. Is this not what all of us want? We all want this? So . . . they are just . . . random answers.

They had no conviction. Not strong. Not Motivating. Not Inspiring. They were just random answers.

A strong reason to lose weight was not in those answers. Nothing that could motivate me to take action. Nothing that could create a burning desire. Nothing that could light a fire in my belly. Nothing that could torch all that fat.

But my friend, my messiah kept pushing me to find a strong reason.

Do you know what is that? Generally, that is our moment of shame. We bury our true pain and scars. Somewhere deep at the bottom of our heart and never reveal them.

My moment of shame was the time when I really felt the need to lose weight. After some reluctance, I coughed up the real reason.

In 2013, I had been to a retreat with my colleagues. Some of them were exceptionally fit. They asked me to join them for a run. I joined them, but I was exhausted within 5 minutes while they cruised along the beach. They disappeared into the horizon only reappearing after 30 minutes. While I spent rest of my time looking at the smooth landing of the pelican over the water.

No one laughed at me. But I felt ashamed. I was ashamed because I had failed though it was not a competition. I knew the reason because of my weight. I was overweight by 20 kgs.

There was a time when I could run up to 7 km non-stop. That was when I was 30 and 20 kgs lighter. I was my ideal weight 75 kilos.

That was my shame, my pain, my hurt. In fact, suddenly I lost all my confidence. At that moment, I felt miserable. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to run again. I wanted my health back. I wanted my pride, my confidence back.

This was my story of failure and fall from triumph.

He made me write this story. And to read it every day. This was my daily reminder and reason, Why I wanted to lose weight? I wanted to lose weight to bring back my confidence again.

What about you? Why do you want to lose weight? Write your own story. Don’t worry nobody else will see this. But when you write it, it will become your daily reminder and keep you on track on any plan.

Let’s go to the next question. . . .

Question 2: How ready are you to change on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means “not ready at all” and 10 means “totally ready”?

How ready was I for this change? I would have said zero if this was the first question. But after I wrote my most important reason to lose weight, I was feeling ready. At least a little bit.

But then my mind was flooded with past failures. Failures to lose weight. I had tried many times. I tried books & magazine on diets and exercise. I joined a gym. I enrolled in 3 months program. None of that had worked.

Whenever we think of trying something new, changing ourselves, or doing something great, our mind brings us back to memories of our failures.

The only job of our mind is to keep us in our comfort zone. So anything we resist internally our mind makes sure that it helps us in seeing all the reason why we will fail again.

I said 4, instead of 2 or 3.

Thinking a lower number would expose me. Expose my motivation. And I didn’t want a lecture. But he was calm. Did not lecture me. Politely asked me the next question.

This just caught me off guard. You will see why?

Question 3: Why did I pick 4 and not 2 or 3?

As I said, I was caught off guard. I was expecting him to ask why did I not pick a higher number. Instead, he turned the tables. Could he read my mind? Maybe, as I said, he was my messiah.

But let’s come back to the question.Why did I pick 4 and not 2 or 3?

While I was skeptical because of my past failures there were some moments of success. Efforts that were successful. I had lost some weight. On my own as well as with a dietician. I had lost up to 3 kgs before I stopped. I don’t remember why I stopped but must be one of my silly excuses.

So I was convinced that with the right plan and required follow through, I would be able to lose weight. After knowing the reason I was more confident that I would follow through this time. It was a matter of my pride.

This question was important to him. And I wanted to know the reason for this question.

He smiled and said that he wanted to remind me of my success. Because it is easy to remember failure. And failure fuels inaction. It keeps you stuck. It keeps you worried. It keeps you from producing results. The only way to defeat failure is to remember your success.

So instead of only looking at your failures, like your mind wants you to see, learn from them but also recollect your success. No matter how small and insignificant they are.

What number did you pick? Did you pick zero?

I understand, there is a chance you picked zero. Because you never tasted any success so far. That is also fine.

Remember that the only way from zero is upwards.

If you are at zero then you should ask yourself a question “What would make you choose a higher number?” Write that down in case you picked zero for this question.

I was so ready for the next question and here is what he asked me to do.

Question 4: Imagine you achieved your goal – What would the positive outcomes be?

This looked like a fun question. Somehow I like to dream and imagine things. So I started on my imagination.

The first images that came to my mind were, a confident, enthusiastic and energetic me.

Happy, blissful and smiling. Smiling to everyone knowing that they were all admiring me. No, I am not narcissistic but I can surely do this in my imagination. I can become my first fan.

And then continuing my dream . . are people asking me “Amit, did you lose weight? You look different” OR “Hey Amit, you look young. What did you do?” And everyone wanting to know how I lost so much weight or much better how do I manage to look younger.

Well, if celebrities look 20 years younger just with the help of weight loss then why can’t we.

The best was, I could see myself romancing my wife, my soulmate. She always loved me as I was, but I am sure there would be an increase.

In my imagination, I was living my dream. Younger by many years. Well, toned body. Good stamina. Good strength. Perfectly maintained weight. Everything I could imagine. That feeling was great.

This was a fun question. If you get to answering this you will immediately feel good. You would feel the way I was feeling at that moment. Just because of my imagination. So write your own answer to this question and become your own first true fan. Admire yourself in your new avatar and go beyond all limits.

Are you with me so far? If you are I am sure you are excited by now. You must already have imagined yourself losing weight and must be feeling good. But let us move on to the next question.

He continued,

Questions 5: Why are those outcomes important to you?

Wow ! Well, they are important.

My goal was to reach my ideal weight. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to be more confident, more enthusiastic and more energetic.

Being overweight is not good. It is tiring. We do less. Achieve less. Get exhausted. It is no good the way it is.

Above all, we are constantly about, eat this and not that.

And then people would give their advice. Every time they see our plate and what’s on that. That is really embarrassing. It is a feeling of guilt. Feeling of failure. Somehow this does not stop us from eating the wrong things. Our cravings control our needs. We just eat with guilt.

But for me, when I was about 30 years old, I weighed only 72 kilos. I had abundant energy. I would be happy, cheerful and excited. I could eat anything without guilt. No one would ever come up and tell me don’t eat this eat that.

That was the feeling I wanted again. I wanted to reach my ideal weight. I wanted to be free to eat anything. I wanted to feel lighter and better. I wanted to feel confident, enthusiastic and energetic again. I wanted to increase my efficiency and productivity. I wanted to do more. Achieve more. And this weight came in my way.

So I just wanted to lose weight. And then maintain it. Period.

By this time after answering these questions, I was feeling confident. My answers were powerful enough that they became inspiration and motivation.

I wanted to lose weight and I knew the reason. I knew my readiness. I knew my past failures and success. I had imagined my future. And I knew the importance of weight loss. Everything was in place.

By answering these five questions, I had almost created a framework of success. The only thing I needed to know was how?

I just needed some kind of plan to achieve my weight loss goal. And this was the perfect time for the final question,

Question 6: What are the next steps? If any

He explained to me that weight loss was easy. It just required three steps.

  1. Eat less: Just reduce the intake of food. Cut down food intake by 1/4 or 1/2 whatever is possible. Cut down on sugar as much as possible. Cut down on carbs.
  2. Eat well: Replace carbs with proteins. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Drink enough water. Never remain hungry. Eat smart.
  3. Exercise: Start some exercise. As simple as walking few minutes every day. Do some basic stretching.

There was nothing more to it. Everyone who loses weight uses one or two or all the three steps mentioned, he said.

But coming back to the question, he asked me to write down my next steps.

Here is the list I made,

  1. Start walking for 30 minutes daily at the brisk pace.
  2. Find a good diet I can follow and start following the diet.
  3. Continue both exercise and diet till I lose 10 kgs.

Looks simple, but for the first time, I felt that I would achieve my goal.

When I was ready to start my weight loss plan again, I saw an advertisement of Sugar Smart Diet. After reading all the benefits of this diet and watching the promotion video, I invested in this program.

Finally, I was able to lose 10 kgs in 2 months with the help of Sugar Smart Diet and walking as exercise.

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Here are some actions to take for your own weight loss.

  1. Write your answers to the six questions.
  2. Pick a program that suits you. Here is a list of online programs and books on weight loss to choose from.
  3. Read your page every day to remain inspired and motivated.
  4. Follow through till you achieve your weight loss goal.

Kindly share this with your friends and family.

Best of luck and see you on the lighter side.