Journey of Life

Success is a journey and not a destination.

Hello there, My name is Amit Patel and I’m a student, reader, thinker and writer in “The University of Life”. What do I know of this university? Not a lot. But I know something. From the little that I have studied in this university, I have developed a unique lens of looking at life.

The University of Life is my labor of love – a subjective lens on what matters in life. Mostly it is a record of my own becoming as a person – intellectually, creatively, spiritually – and an inquiry into how to live and what it means to lead a good life.

Here’s a little bit about most important learnings from the journey so far. The main thought behind “The University of Life” is Philosophy of living. Irrespective of the area of life we talk about. Philosophy transcends every area. But no amount of philosophy can prepare us for the surprises that emerge as we live our life. These surprises make our life, like a roller coaster. Sometimes high, other times low. Even then we continue to live.  That’s the essence of life.

“The University of Life” brings you a collection of the unique perspective of life. Above all, it is a presentation of ideas combined with philosophy in every area spanning our life. And the most important areas of our life are health, wealth, peace, happiness and success. So I present philosophy in these areas in the form of lessons I have learnt from – experiences, books, podcasts, videos, movies, conversations – and then thinking about them in a unique manner. Biggest pleasure for me would be when these lessons help you, inspire you, motivate you in some ways. So keep reading, sharing and coming back for more.

This is a side project along with my regular day job. I love reading and writing for the University of Life. But it takes some efforts and dollars to sustain the website. I use ads and affiliates for monetization. To keep the reading experience clean — which is important to me and, I hope, to you — I have displayed my ads in a non-intrusive way to the reader. You can also find some products in the store section or at the end of the posts. Go to the store for books, electronics and affiliate products. A small percentage comes to me when you buy through a link on this site. You can support this small initiative in a small way. I constantly update and improve the product offering to see what best suits the information on this site. 

Hope that I could help you with this site in some ways. Your visit to this site is an untold appreciation for my work. Thank you for the same.

Have a great day.